Organza Hair Clips

So I have been collecting all of my unfinished or discarded craft projects together and riding my wave of inspiration to do something with the finished items. These are little hair clips made from Organza. I melt the Organza to make it curl and stitch layers together to make little flowers. They are glued onto hair clips. I just need to back them onto card. I expect that I could sell these for 50p to young girls. They are quite pretty and summary!!!



I must get on with crafting some more, they are fun to make, don’t use much material and can be made in bulk pretty quickly!


My boyfriend is so clever!

Last Christmas I asked my other half to create me something for Christmas. He is an artist and graphic designer and what he came up with was better than I could have imagined!

My little poodle Herbie is the centre of my world and on Christmas morning I woke up to a lovely framed picture of him.

558738_10150694447572168_517613169_n Herbs2

Obviously Chris’s drawing is on the right and the photograph used as inspiration on the left.. It genuinely was one of my favourite gifts ever!

Learning to knit!

Although I work with wool a lot, I almost always crochet! So I decided about a year ago to start knitting, I learned and then discarded the skill. I have just picked it up again and I am using this marble effect wool to try and knit a scarf to find my knitting groove again.

I must admit I enjoy it just as much as crochet, but I am just not as confident in trying new things.

messy knitting